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Necotoys Merkez Bina

The Play Maker

Neco Toys was founded on 1997 to distribute the European costume products in Turkey; which was a nish business back in the days. In early 2000’s Neco Toys has foreseen the gap in the Turkish toy business and started to distribute high quality products of the top brands for different age groups.

Soon after Neco Toys has become the first name that comes to mind to enter the Turkish Toy market.

Representing the top brands, soon followed by being the licensee of market leaders; retail operation has started, production begun… Neco Toys has expanded its operations to serve the toy business in 360 degrees…

Today, Neco Toys is leading the toy market rather than following it. Neco is improving the game, changing the rules…

Passion For Quality

Just like people, companies have their characteristics. The name Neco Toys, recalls quality. From the business approach to product contents; Neco Toys is known for its passion for quality. Always looking over the horizon, always brave enough to create new ways; Neco Toys is proud of leading the way in the Turkish toy market.


Neco Toys is a A+ distributor but distributing is not enough; production is also an important asset for Neco Toys’ business. Neco Toys believes in the power of production. With a solid back ground on the toy production, the company is capable of producing any kind of toys through the best suppliers around the world. To fully serve in production; Neco Toys has also established its own plush products company in 2007 operating in 1500 square meters in Istanbul, Turkey.

So Neco Toys is capable of producing the best toys with great quality and reasonable prices either in Turkey or oversees.