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Promotional Materials

Promotional Material Production

Neco Toys believes that the production is a key element for a successful operation. Alongside toy distribution, Neco Toys is the proud producer of the high quality plush and pvc figurine products.

Neco Toys has a huge know-how of the production facilities all around the world and one of the most competent toy producer in China. In 2007, Neco Toys has built a 1500 square meter production facility in Istanbul for rapid production solutions.

Thanks to its production network and detailed know-how; Neco Toys is capable of offering reasonable prices for outstanding  products.

Neco Toys offers high quality promotional materials and serves to high-end companies with outstanding service quality.

Quality Matters

Neco Toys’, promotional materials distinguish from what is there on the market! The company’s dedication to perfection creates products that stand alone with the choice of good material, good craftmanship and hidden details that makes the product ‘perfect’.

Character Design / Creative Products

Neco likes to make a difference by thinking outside the box. Quality of a product is the passion and creating new ideas is the fun part of the business! Neco Toys is ready to help create innovative promotional products and ideas and help you build your own characters.